Ozone Waste Solutions offers programs for the destruction of unwanted non-returnable Schedules II-V, API, OTC, and prescription drugs, in an easy to use and secure online portal. All of our pharmaceutical waste services are fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

We work with small private practices or large pharmaceutical manufacturers who need a simple and economical way to transfer, process and destroy unwanted pharmaceutical waste.

Fully Compliant Pharmaceutical Waste Destruction

Controlled Substance Program

A safe and secure way to dispose of controlled substance waste. Our Mail Back Pharmaceutical Destruction Program is built with tight diversion control in mind, minimizing the number of people that come in contact with the waste and maximizing the process of controls. All in an effort to minimize your liability.

Our Mail Back Pharmaceutical Destruction Program offers

  • Witnessed Controlled Narcotics destruction with certification available
  • Diversion controls in place
  • 100% Compliant with State and Local regulations
  • Destruction services pricing is dependent on volume and type of drugs

Ozone Waste Solutions

Ozone Waste Solutions a full-service pharmaceutical and medical waste disposal company, servicing the North Carolina medical community and any business that generates medical waste. OWS is locally owned and operated, and offers non-binding contracts means we have to earn your business every day. In addition to handling used sharps, regulated pharmaceutical and medical waste such including both controlled and non-controlled expired meds and partially dispensed medicine, we also offer comprehensive OSHA online video training to keep your facility in full OSHA and HHS compliance.